Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silly Little Update

Here I am looking at Emily's page trying to figure out what's missing...well could it be new pictures?! Duh! I have been horrible at downloading my pictures off the camera onto the computer let alone uploading them here. That is my goal for the week...picture!

Emily is doing fantasitc! As usual she has really good speech days and she has really bad speech days. She has become quite the silly girl though. I have decided to take Sign Language this semester to learn more about grammer and more vocabulary. I hope that I can share this with my eager to learn little Miss Pretty. She is have some difficulties sleeping. I am not sure if it is just the age or if she has some sensory issues still or a little of both.

She loves dance! We got her 2 little (I mean tiny) dance outfits, tap shoes and ballet shoes! She parades around the house all day long with them on! It's way, way too cute!

Her newest thing to say is "your meanie!" Which just makes me laugh everytime, since I am such a mean person! HA! She has also prefected the pout and tantrum. I am thinking that these are pretty much age appropriate (if not a little late). But none the less I have to laugh about them!

We are still working on potty trainning her. She does pretty well during the day, usually only one accident but night is a whole other story. She wears "night night panties" to bed & usually pee's out of them. I have tried several doesn't really matter. I have learned to put a new one on before I get in bed, that way I have a better chance of not having any accidents.

We just went shopping for summer clothes. Can you believe it summer clothes in February!! Well little Miss scrawny buns is only wearing 3T-4T (depending). Cameron is wearing almost a 2T and there is only a 3 lb difference between them! Crazy!

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  1. Hi! I have been reading your blog! I love it! I am also a mom of a wonder boy who has apraxia. We are just going to begin potty training. I am hoping it is going to go okay. I would love any tips. It also sounds like you live in AZ, so do we. We are also about to try a GF diet and just started fish oils. I would love to ask you questions about what you have tried and what works.